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Project S.K.I.E. - Book 1 of The SKIE Series
BOOK ONE: Project S.K.I.E.

Selie is starting college in the year 2098 at Ashmore University located within White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia. While technology has advanced to incorporate artificial intelligence microchips, the worries of a teenage girl have not. Selie thought the worst she would be dealing with was hard tests and difficulty making new friends. Instead, she stumbles upon a ghastly discovery of missing students and illegal experiments. Just when she thinks she’s made a friend and meets a handsome boy who’s much more than he seems, her world is turned upside down and she soon realizes that she is no longer ordinary. Now, along with her newfound friends, she has to fight for survival and stop others from falling victim.

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BOOK TWO: S.K.I.E. Secrets
Selie has survived the horrible ordeal she underwent when she was kidnapped and injected with an unknown serum. The quiet illusion is disrupted when a body is discovered, a victim who may have been Dr. Daven’s. With potential evidence of the illegal experiments, Selie delves deeper into her obsession to stop him and Reyna. Selie, alongside her friends Eirian, Heero, Rose, and Brody, takes it upon herself to learn more about the experiments and potentially who Dr. Daven really is. Among the uncertainty surrounding their intensifying abilities and the growing feelings between her and Eirian, Selie has no idea what she may uncover but feels whatever she may uncover might be far worse than she realizes.
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                               BOOK THREE: Battle at S.K.I.E.

After a heartbreaking discovery, Selie along with Eirian, Brody, Heero, Rose, and Naira, are still dealing with the aftermath. While they struggle to figure out Dr. Daven's next move, they learn something terrifying that leads them to realize there is more danger than just Dr. Daven. Trying to piece together the clues they have, Dr. Vayle also uncovers another mystery. Selie pushes her abilities to the brink with unintended consequences. How far will Selie go to learn the truth?

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