Project S.K.I.E. Card Game

December 14, 2016

So I posted about this on Goodreads as well but I LOVE making things whether it's sketching, creating art projects like scrapbooking (I'm in love with Shutterfly - which I almost always get confused with Fluttershy ^_^ if anyone is dorky and kid-ish enough to know that.). And I've made my very own original board game, the board, cards, background, the pieces involved - everything! I've only played it four times with friends but they seem to really enjoy it. It'd be really cool if I could get a group of people together to play it who weren't just my friends so I could see if they're being bias or not, lol! 


That being said I'm designing a Project S.K.I.E. card game to bring with me to my next book events, which would be the Once Upon a Book ball and author signing on August 11th and 12th, 2017 in Frankenmuth, MI, and the Kerrytown Bookfest in Ann Arbor in September. I will let you know the specific date when I know for the one in 2017. I just wanted your feedback regarding the game. I know it's got to be fast. People coming up to the table are just interested in hearing about your book for like 30 seconds. So it has to be something that doesn't take a long time, like probably 3-5 minutes max!


But I want it to be something fun and engaging so as readers/reviewers would you like a game that gives you insight into the different characters, the technology of the futuristic time, and other things without obviously giving away any of the plot?? I was originally thinking three sets of cards: character cards, location cards, and SKIE mystery cards, which if you've read the books you know what SKIE is and what it stands for. I don't want to give anything away! But if you know what it is you can kind of tell what those cards might be about. Then I was thinking you'd roll a dice and certain numbers would determine which stack you choose from. Character cards would obviously introduce you to the characters just from Book 1, and then location cards could be the various locations that the characters in the book went to (that TeliPort may take them or something like that), then SKIE mystery cards. And certain cards will of course give you discounts or a prize, but then also give you a little insight into the book. So you think that's a good set up or should I only have one stack of randomized stuff with a mix of character and technology and other things from the book? 


Any suggestions would be great! ^_^ And hopefully I'll see you guys at the book events so you can test out the card game and let me know what you think *-*

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